Gobble gobble!

Hey dreamboats! Wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving..things are moving along..we’re rehearsing, writing, and getting ready to start making some moves in Nashville.  Have a great holiday and we’ll see you soon!

It’s here, it’s here!

…we finally have some music up for you to listen to!  Don’t forget to click the ‘team’ link- when you join our street team, you can download our songs for free! :) Can’t wait to share them with you! Also, our first live performance will be taking place on Wednesday night, November 17th, at Park Street Saloon in Columbus, Ohio from 8:30 to 9.  Come on out!



Welcome to Union Rose!

Hi friends! Thanks for checking out our news..we’re so excited to bring you all things Union Rose!  In case you haven’t watched any of our video blogs (what? you have a life? never heard of it!), I’ll give you a short (by short, I mean long), magical (by magical, I mean I couldn’t think of another adjective) timeline of what’s been going on in our world.

April 2008-I start making writing trips to Nashville.  We are still in the midst of Saving Jane’s single “Supergirl”, but I am falling in love with country music again.

September 2008-January 2010-Saving Jane is trapped in record-label-limbo hell. We are under contract for a single, I keep turning in material, and it keeps being rejected. I stamp my little (by little, I mean pretty big for a girl) feet and declare to all and sundry that I don’t care what they do because “I’m gonna be a country singer”.  Nobody listens.

February 2010-I run away from home, sublet an apartment in Nashville for 3 months, and dedicate myself to writing material for a country record. I am lonely, bored, and have a total of three friends in town. (one of whom is a cat that lives next door, but occasionally comes over to pee in my bushes.)

March-May 2010-I make friends (I couldn’t believe it either) and perform my first writer’s night in town.  Just when I start to get comfortable, it’s time for me to move out.

June 2010-Saving Jane performs our last show in our hometown of Columbus, Ohio. I am sad and maudlin and tearful for about 2 weeks. Then one day Brandon, Pat and I go eat at Golden Corral, and I begin to reconsider my plot to go solo, because I can’t imagine eating at crappy buffets on the road without my best friends.  I propose that we form a new band and keep at it together.

July 2010-Pat decides that starting a new band is not the right move for him, but continues to help Brandon and I write and record while we get our sh*t together.

August 2010-Brandon and I start auditioning to find another male lead singer. We find some great people, one of whom is a friend of ours from another band.  We rehearse and audition and rehearse and audition.

September 2010-We decide to go with Nate McDonough as our third member. You are gonna freak out and kiss babies when you hear his juicy voice.

October 2010-The three of us bust our tails in the studio to make a 4 song EP so we can start begging people to like us by November!

And that brings us up to speed!  We just had our radio debut on 105.7 WLGC last Friday, and we’re getting ready to post music on our website and play our first show next Wednesday….stay tuned for what happens next!! 

Marti (and Brandon..and Nate..)